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The token is not much like other cryptocurrencies. What this means is it does not reveal any similarity with other cryptocurrencies, ie it cannot be transacted utilizing a different cryptocurrency’s blockchain technology. This doesn’t prevent the task from offering anything of worth for its token holders, however, it will be extremely difficult to make available liquidity for their token on some of the existing exchanges. Trusted companies: You need to list your ICO with a platform with established companies behind it.

This particular method, you are giving the tokens of yours the best possibility to succeed. In addition, you receive the reassurance which comes from recognizing your tokens are now being supported by respected companies. A short explanation of what is incorporated into every one of the two listing types can be viewed below: Crowdfunding: The very first thing to note inside an ICO listing is a department for the title, usually’ The Name of Project Here ICO Listing’. Below the names of blockchain projects are shown, together with photos, project summaries, an url and news stories to the token offering page.

This’s a fast look at the projects required, therefore a trader won’t spend a lot of focus here. The next section you’ll see is’ Investing in the Project’, and can provide an insight into the tokens offered and also the method to invest. What’s an ICO platform? The platforms below are examples of ICO platforms that’re being utilized by ICO tasks to advertise their ICO or token sales. In a similar way to an internet site for your business, these platforms serve as the front-end of the entire ICO marketing strategy.

The platforms should have the ability to take care of the advertising & distribution promotions which are necessary for an ICO, from the start of the purchase on the closing date. Several of specialized features are provided by the platforms, while others provide merely a basic program to advertise your ICO and obtain essential data from your ICO. ICONOMI is one of the biggest and most established platforms applied to the ICO space. ICONOMI has just recently announced an integration with Bancor, with assistance for ICOs using the Bancor network.

By integrating with Bancor, the Bancor network automatically calculates the retail price at what your tokens can be liquidated, making it possible for the ICO to accomplish within time restrictions. ICONOMI also includes providers particularly whitelist registration, smart contracts development, KYC/AML verification, along with other resources to make the life of yours much easier when setting up an ICO.

The group behind ICONOMI possesses a reputation of creating incredible platforms such as the CoinOne exchange, a veteran team with the required skills to develop a very good platform for ICO projects, and a strong client experience team. KICKICO provides a platform to ICOs so they are able to raise capital with the help of the KICKICO method. The platform acts as a middle male, acting as a facilitator for investors looking to put in. Yet another advantage is the fact that there is a local community of ICO advisors with proven track records who actively work with KICKICO to attract even more investors.

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