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Step 1: Hire

Local help is always available on-demand.

Connect with verified and trusted people local to the merchandise. You simply select the who you want to perform the inspection.

  • Who are the inspectors?

    The Inspectors

    Inspectors are either subject matter experts or have real-world knowledge & experience.
  • How do I know who to hire?

    Who to hire

    Every inspector has their experience & resume made available to you. Make your decision based on your findings. 

  • Can I hire more than once?

    Hiring multiple people

    Feel free to hire multiple people to get multiple opinions and inspection reports!

  • How much do the inspections cost?

    Cost for inspections

    You can post your inspection need and your budget.

    If you are in a hurry, you can search for inspection services. The inspector's fees may vary but cannot exceed the maximum allowed.


Step 2: Review the report

Review your pre-purchase or second opinion reports.

The report contains detailed results of the inspection along with any requested photos or videos of the merchandise.

  • What's in the inspection report?

    Report Contents

    Inspection reports contained detailed specific to your purchase.

  • What's in the opinion report?

    Opinion Reports

    Your opinion reports contain details and expert opinion about the goods or services you are considering buying.


Step 3. Decide

Focus on Your Work & Team

Avoid making costly purchase mistakes. Everyone can now make better-informed decisions regarding the purchase of the merchandise or services.